rehab box: brooklyn living + dining

August has been a busy month filled with travel, family, and work with this here post brought to you from an especially cute apartment in Chicago.  Just a quick update on our latest and greatest Rehab Box for a very sweet client in Brooklyn. What you can't see is her existing jealousy-inducing turquoise Brazilian hammock which served as the inspiration for her natural, globalist interior. Read more about our Boxes here!

what's your fancy: hollywood regency dining room

We've found creating concept boards for our full service clients gives everyone (client and us!) a better idea of the direction in which the space is heading. In this case, we were looking to create a more formal, hollywood regency inspired dining room that maintains a healthy balance of vintage and new. Even with a similar formula, the options feel very different, but beautiful, if we do say so! Which one do you fancy? Leave us a comment!

before + after: CT mid-century ranch

Isn't this one hot gorgeous space? Wait until you see the befores. Rehabitat was a business idea that developed from Diane Schmunk Interior Design Services as a way for the two of us to work together (mother/daughter duo!), branch into new styles and locations, and offer our Rehab Boxes. But Diane still very much works through Diane Schmunk IDS and this is one of those projects. The transformation is unrecognizable because there was some serious construction and renovation that happened thanks to the clients' vision, High Street Designs and many, many others. Seeing the finished product is beyond exciting- read more about the design and see lots more photos here!

on the hunt @ brimfield

Well we finally made the trip to Brimfield. It was HOT. And there was a lot of STUFF. And we walked A TON. Thank goodness for those apple cider donuts that got us through the tough times of antique shopping. Honestly, I was a little tiny tad bit disappointed. The prices were very reasonable but there was so much weeding through country rustic New England real antiques for some slim Mid-Century / Hollywood Regency pickins. Is it really true that all the funky, modern, cheap finds are in LA? Don't let us down, September Brimfield. Click through to hear how we envision each piece.

mixing + matching: palms and fronds!

We have a new post to introduce! Welcome to our blog, Mixing + Matching. It involves lots of pretty fabrics, colors, and prints and of course, recurring themes. It's summer!!! Time to celebrate visually and feast your eyes on some whimsical summery collections for your interiors. We are searching high and low for the right fabrics for a client and couldn't pass up a few fabric samples along the way. 

What are the recurring themes, you ask? Good question! First, and most obvious: PALMS AND FERNS! You know, huge trend right now and festive for the summer months. Option 1 is playful, hollywood glam, bold, bright and totally appropriate for your dream 60's modern California split-level vacation ranch with a pool. (Is that on Airbnb? Because I want to stay there.) If by chance, you live in the New York / New England area, you'll notice there isn't the beautiful thing of the palm tree. We have FERNS here. Which are just as pretty, right? Option 2 is for your beachy Block Island gray-washed teak-shingled house with a pool's screened in porch.  A fun combination of patterns and color and totally fitting for New England. (Gonna be an awesome screened-in porch.) OK, let's get real. Not everyone has a place like this- but no one will stop us from using these fun combos regardless of location or home size! ALSO, both collections have the colorful flame stitch that always makes us weak in the knees. Mix those colors and patterns! 

Rehab Box: Erin's Living Room

Over here at Rehabitat, we love to shop. And I mean shop everywhere. Online, in the city, out of the city, craigslist, flea markets, really overpriced high end antique shops where we leave feeling angry at the world, and sometimes even Ikea, where we leave feeling angry at the world. (Mostly because I deny myself those heavenly smelling cinnamon rolls they pump out as you're waiting in line, regretting not having grabbed more awesome, cheap plants.) Oh yeah, SHOPPING. We love it. And we'll do it for you. And not shopping just to spend all your money but smart shopping. To help you figure out your budget and if that hot pink sofa you've been fantasizing about is worth the millions. (It probably is but maybe we find you a more affordable hot pink sofa.) Some things are worth spending more on than others, like that trusty old antique Persian rug that will last you a lifetime. And some things you can edit out, but we'll help you with that too. 

We loved shopping for Erin's Rehab Box! She was on a budget (who isn't?), has a special liking to blues and greens, lives in Toronto, oh and LOVES hockey. Hopefully we'll get to share some pretty great after photos!